Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Obliques of Steel

Today was the first day I took both boys out of the house for a few hours (without Jason). We started our day off with a little storytime at the local library. 

Storytime was a success, so (after I fed Shane), we headed over to target & then I needed gas. I can't believe I filled my tank for $18!! Yay!

After lunch (at home for Lars) and fed Shane again (& put Shane to bed), Lars & I headed outside for an afternoon ab workout. Lars entertained himself while I worked my obliques. He loves drawing!

Here are a couple moves I did today...and they killed!! Steel will appear on my mid area any time now!

I did 3 sets (& a few more moves). Doing these moves in the sun really got my sweat dripping!

For lunch, I've been loving tuna. Such a great sandwich!! Right now, I could eat these every day!!

What do you eat for lunch?

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