Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bad running weekend

Jason had off 4 days in a row! I thought I'd be able to run at least 3 days. Shane had a dr appointment Friday, so I knew I wasn't going to have to time them. I was able to make it Saturday and Monday. 

Both runs were pretty sucky. I put in 3.5 miles each time, but they seemed to take forever. I didn't want to go (but I usually prefer hanging out with my family). My lunges hurt, my right eye kept watering (so weird & I don't know why) & my legs felt like they had cement blocks tied to them. All this started the second I left the door, but I kept going. I don't regret it either. I would have regretted not going, or turning around too early. I'm so glad I ran this weekend!

I have decided to change the time of my workout to mornings. I was working out when Shane went down for a nap (& Lars was still awake). But, Shane has pushed his nap back a 1/2 hour & he now goes down at the same time as Lars. I need those 2 hours to relax and do random things around the house. 

At 6 am, I got up, dressed (I layed my clothes out last night) & headed out to the garage. It's spring time here, so it wasn't too cold out there (no heater needed). I worked out my arms. By the time I was done, I was duly awake & boiling hot!

Once everyone was awake, fed & dressed, we headed out the door to storytime. Lars & I use to go every Tuesday. But, it's been kind of difficult to get out of the house with both boys. Now that Shane is older, everything is getting so much easier (it wasn't all that difficult to start with). Last week, we went to storytime, the park, random errands. I feel successful. Both boys are loving it (all 3 of us love being outside as much as possible). I think these smiles tell me I'm making them happy!!

When was your last bad run? Had multiples in a row?

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