Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The WOD that pumped my heart out of my chest

I'm The WOD was a killer! My heart was beating like crazy. Here are the legs. They're not great & they need a lot of work. All this cardio, running & my leg days will get me closer and closer each time I do them. I'm super excited to see my progress & get where I want to.

Here's what I call my down hill workout. Those 35 push ups & 30 burpees really hit the spot.

I pushed myself so hard. I wanted my heart to pump out of my chest, which I think it did. I could hear my heart beating so loud! I was able to complete this workout in 20 minutes!! I was hauling some serious ass!! 

Lars did great with his independent play time & let me do my thing. Since we had some free time after the workout, we took some selfies. We love to make funny faces. 

Its been so long since I've done that many burpees at once. How many burpees do you normally do during your workout?

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