Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday Run & Fire House

On Saturday a local firehouse had an open house, so I decided to take the boys. It was the first real time out with just me and the boys (a place I couldn't put Lars in a cart). Everyone did great & had a fun time!

Lars loves watching Paw Patrol, so he kept calling the firehouse dog "Marshall". It was super cute!

He also sprayed a fire hose. He's obsessed with hoses and water. The 45 minute visit flew by and lots of smiles were shown! Mom win!

On Sunday morning (before the Super Bowl), I headed out for my run. I had 3 miles in the brain, but they flew by too fast. 

Before I j ew it, it was time to turn around and head back. I decided to go a little further, but my brain hadn't woken up yet. It highly I'd run 4 miles. Silly Shelly only went out an extra 1/4 mile (not 1/2). By the time I was finishing up with my sprints and ended on my driveway, my gps said I had run 3.5 miles. Opps! I should have not turned back so early. Oh well! There's always next weekend.

Have you ever turned around too early in an out & back run?

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