Saturday, February 13, 2016

RAW Bins Granola

The awesome people at RAW Bins were kind enough to send me some great granola to try out. I love granola. The main thing I do with granola is mix it with my greek yogurt and some peanut butter. The granola has a great texture and an even better taste! I love the crunch it has when I bite in to it. I could eat the entire package!

They also sent me some RAW Bins Bites. These are prefect when you are starving and on the go. I kept a couple in a plastic bag in my purse. They give me the energy that I need (to chase my toddler, take care of a 4 month old or get my sweat dripping). 

Another great thing about this company is that a portion of every sale goes to help children in need.They help quit a few charities that involve children in need all over the world!

RAW Bins is such an awesome company, with a great cause and outstanding granola!!!

This is my go to snack right now. Since it's nicer weather, we are rarely inside the house and are always on the move! I need to keep up my energy.

What's your go to snack?

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