Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Running with the Bugs (in photos)

I ended up having beautiful weather here, in Cali. 65 degrees and sunny. That type of weather just calls a runners name. How could I possibly stuff myself in the icky gym. I asked to get off of work a little early, so I could enjoy the sun a little longer. 

I got off of work and drove the 5 minutes to see this gorgeous sign.

The sun was beaming and so was my smile. I think I had this smile plastered on my face the entire time. There were so many people out and they were all so friendly. 

The scenery was nice too. So green!

The only thing about running at this time of night, is the bugs. Bugs were crazy last night. They were in swarms and I swear they were following me. My sweat must have smelled too good for them to pass up. I hope mosquitoes didn't bite me. I always find out 2 days later, in the shower. 

The creek was flowing and sounded so nice. Everyone around had huge smiles on their face and they were so eager to smile and say hi!

When I got home, this happened:

I haven't touched any weights in way too long! It hurt, but it was a good hurt! (Like the new mirror?)

Ok, maybe the hurt didn't feel too good then. I'm pretty stiff and sore now. My face only shows a little of the pain. I took what I remembered from my ripped class (that I also haven't been to in too long). 

After this face was made, more weight lifting happened. I pushed through the pain. 

Can you tell I just got a new phone that I wanted to try out? I love it! Thanks for all the advice on it! Are you running outside? What's the weather around you like?


  1. I covet your weather in a major, sinful way! Ha! Good job pushing through the tough weight workout.

  2. I have run outside off and on this winter..but glad that the sun is starting to come out and play...running outside is so much nicer than treadmill runs.