Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Girls on the Go 5k

On Sunday, I had another race (I love it when they're back to back weekends). I ran the Girls on the Go 5k with my friend. The night before was so much better than last weekend. I went to bed and a nice time. I did things around the house and just relaxed (as I should). 

In the morning, I was so eager to get up and drive downtown. This was the first year I've seen this race locally. I think they're  normally in SoCal area. After the kids' run and the 10k races were off, the 5kers lined up. 

There weren't as many people there, as my other races. There were a good number, though. 

I ran with my friend and she led me. She set the pace and did great! 

It's always so nice to run with friends, it makes the time go by so quickly. It didn't even feel like we ran a 5k. 

When we crossed the finish line, we got medals. I love it! My friend and I decided to match out outfits and of course, we had to wear our tutus again!

Do you ever match your clothes with friends, when you run? What's your next race?

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