Thursday, April 18, 2013

Horrible Run with a Side of Happiness

I had no motivation or concentration yesterday. My brain was nowhere to be found! At home, in the morning, at work all day, then on my short run last night...brain dead. I though a short run was going to get me out of my funk (it usually does), but no luck. I knew I wasn't going to go to spin class, I just wasn't in the mood. But, my run felt long, dreadful and boring. I hated last night's run!

I know bad runs comes and go and they make us stronger, as runners. But, man!! It was a horrible run! I was not happy and couldn't wait to get home, shower and just sit on the couch and do nothing. That's the kind of motivation I have...none!

It was just bad! I even walked a little during my run. I got distracted by so many things. Oh look, a bird!

A couple good things, that made me happy was that as I passed a couple flags (yes, I have 2 flags in less than a 3 mile run) was that they were at half mass. I made me see that we are all united (runners and non-runners). I knew that before, but it made me really think about it. 

Just because a person doesn't like to move their feet faster than a walking pace (often and for fun), doesn't mean that they weren't affect by what happened on Monday. It's good to see a nation come together as people. 

Are flags around you at half mass? When was your last horrible run? I'm lacking some serious motivation. What do you suggest I do to get myself motivated (not including registering for a race...due to funds)?

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