Thursday, April 11, 2013

I can lift a car over my head!

Yesterday was an interesting April evening. I felt like I was working out in a sauna the entire time! I headed out for my simple 2 1/2 mile quick run around the local park and knew I was going to have a difficult time. This is because it was 87 when I left work. 87 in April! I'm all for warm weather, but not this warm this early in the year. I guess I'm just happy to be able to run outdoors (we'll see how long that lasts). 

I was able to squeeze in 10 minutes of rowing after my run and before my spin class. I did about 1600 meters (which is almost 1 mile, .99 miles). I was still gushing sweat from my hot run. Not many people walk into their gym already red faced and sweaty. 

Feeling tough after the spin class

Spin class was great, as usual. The instructor pushed us to sweat more than we did last time. I didn't go to class last week (I was sick), and it's crazy how much difference it makes (in a bad way) to miss a class. Plus,  I was still sweaty from the run and rowing. 

The instructor kept saying that he wanted us to feel like we could lift a car over our heads by the time we were done with his class. I like the little things they say throughout the entire class. It makes me start to tell myself the same thing. It was so warm in the class, it was like I never left my sauna. he class was completely full (10 more people came in looking for bikes, too), the fans were going and the ac was set to freezing, but it was still crazy hot/stuffy in there. I could feel the sweat dripping off of me. But, by the time I left class, I felt like I could lift a car over my head!

Driving home with the windows down (at 7 o'clock) allowed the sweat to dry off and stop dripping. I could feel a few layers of sweat cover my entire body. My legs felt the grossest!

How many times a week are you completely covered in a sweat dripping layer? What was your workout yesterday (or today)? If you could vote for me, for best blogger (even if you're not local), you'll be my new BFF (check out the right side of my blog)!!

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  1. Yesterday as a matter of fact, while running on the dread-mill at the YMCA sweat was rolling off of me! Great post!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run