Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Training Progress & Winner

My date for all my meals. He loves making me laugh and smile. He's such a crack up!

How has my Spartan training been going? Well, pretty good. I've been stuck running a 5k (just not motivated to run further). Well, I finally ran 4.25 miles. It felt great and I loved every minute of it! Lars loved it too. He took a 10 minute nap and when he woke up, we were at the park. What a great surprise for him!

I'm still doing the training for the pull ups. I'm up to 7 seconds holding myself up. 

I'm feeling stronger. Every time I feel stronger, I feel better about myself and it makes me happier and happier with my progress. I'm still so nervous about the Spartan race! The race is next month!!

The winner of the Spartan giveaway is: Alberto!! Congrats! Email me (runnersfuelathotmaildotcom)Thanks to everyone that participated!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and good luck on your training!