Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chicken & Strawberries

I made a great dinner last night. I made sweet & sour chicken with brown rice and green beans (my favorite things). It was so good. The chicken was baked, not fried. Yum! It tasted so good, I wanted to eat it all. I am a pig. I could eat everything in the house!

Speaking of eating everything in the house, I also had some dessert that I bought on the way home. It was mini ice cream. It was a warm day yesterday and this tasted so good and cool (plus, it was only $1, who could pass that up?).

This morning, I ran to the gym (5.3 miles round trip). I did a lot of weights today. I worked my legs for 20 minutes (like I do 5 days a week), I did some mat work on my core and the final 30 minutes in the gym, I worked my arms (with weights). After all that, I ran home.

When I got home, a smoothie sounded so good, too bad it hurt to make it (I made it anyways). It hurt because I worked my arms more the normal at the gym.

In the smoothie mixture, I used fresh strawberries (it's strawberry season here in CA), frozen banana, 1 T PB, some V8 pomegranate juice, vanilla yogurt and a scoop of protein powder. It was so good!

Tonight, we're going to Dave & Busters with some friends. It's kind of like a grown up's Chucky Cheeses. I can't wait, I haven't been there before.

Tomorrow, we're having my parents over for a mother's day brunch. I'll give you a hint: these will be used in most of the menu.

How did you Saturday workouts go?


  1. My Saturday went well... I had a really nice long run.

    Let me know how Dave & Buster's is... My hubby and my parents are planning on going to one in the Atlanta area this summer before a baseball game!

  2. Saturday workout was great-- a quick 3 miles since I couldn't fit in Long run, it got relocated to today. (Hmm....I should go do that, huh?)
    I really like the idea of a baked sweet and sour chicken, yum!

  3. Saturday's workout was amazing!! Hope you're having an awesome Mother's Day with all of those strawberries!!