Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sweet & Spicy

Last night's dinner was so good. You may be thinking "why did she take a picture of ordinary spaghetti?" Well, it isn't ordinary. I made the sauce all by myself, and it tastes great! It has home grown tomatoes, fresh rosemary and oregano, million other spices, little sugar, salt and pepper. The sauce is sweet & spicy.

I'm coming into my last weeks of the end of my race season. The October half will be my last of the season. I've loved every minute of it and can't wait for next year. Don't worry, I'll keep running and posting about it. This is something I can't give up. I just won't be so strict with myself if I miss a day or I'd rather sleep in instead up getting up at 3 am to hit the roads.

This morning, I did get up at 6:30 (semi sleeping in). I hit the roads for an easy 2 1/2 miles. My start always starts with a slight hill. When I reached the top of the hill, I saw this amazing sun rise. It was beautiful! The sky was this fuchsia pink with hills in front of it. So glad I was up for that!

This route is my original route that I started on and couldn't finish without walking, when I first moved to this neighborhood five years ago. It's very easy and only has 1 hill. I can now run the entire 2 1/2 miles in a breeze without trouble. I love seeing my progress. I can now even run without headphones. I went completely unplugged this morning. I was great! I love starting my mornings like this!

How did you start your morning?


  1. That spaghetti looks AWESOME. I started my morning by walking down the street and hitting up a great garage sale!

  2. My morning almost started at 6 am when the sound of the rain outside woke me up (we had the windows open)... it was beautiful. But then I fell asleep again and passed out for another 6 hours. Yeah, I don't think that counts as "semi" sleeping in... That is borderline comatose! LOL