Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazing Food!!

Ever since our trip to Half Moon Bay, we really like having tea time. It's difficult to drink hot tea when it's 100 degrees outside. But, when it's 70 inside and you're calm, it's a prefect time! This weekend, I'll make some biscotti, so we can enjoy the entire experience. I have found that I really love chai tea. I have never had it until a couple days ago.

This recipe is great! Chick peas, black beans, chicken, tomatoes and fresh basil with a home made red vinegar dressing. Prefect for a hot summer day after a tough, long workout.

I grilled this bbq chicken indoors (since I was only making 2 pieces). It's paired with some home made garlic bread and green beans. I love sitting outside enjoying the summer time, while I still have it.

Last night, I made a salad with a bunch of left overs (I love doing this!). I had some left over garlic bread on the side. In the salad was the left over chicken, black beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and green onions. Another great on a hot summer night.

Last night, I had my gym bag packed away in my car, so I could go to the gym after work. About 15 minutes before I left, I remembered that I had 12.5 miles on the schedule in less than 12 hours. I felt it wasn't smart to run and spin that close to my long run, so I decided not to go and spent a nice night at home watching Sons of Anarchy with Jason.

I ran to the gym this morning, ran about 7 miles on the tm and headed back home on foot. I finished 12.5 miles, as scheduled. It was a great run. This time (unlike last time), I set everything up last night and my run started great, was great the entire and I ended strong! I'm glad my long run has been completed for the week!

After this run, this is all I want to (not with my tongue hanging out, though), but I have 9 hours at work until I get to relax. Wish me luck today. It's going to be a very long, very busy day!

I'm off to finish my chocolate milk.

What's your favorite summer time dinner to make? I love salads with home grown veggies. My favorite!


  1. I love grilled veggies in the summer! Your bean salad looks really tasty!

  2. I love tea. I drink it in the summer all the time because I get cold in the air conditioning at work. I love chai and peppermint teas.

  3. Nice job on the long run this morning!

    Food looks great!