Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I feel like I am running naked in my Yellowman YMX shirt, it's so light weight. It was great for my run. It's made of a wicking material and I love the pocket in the back of the shirt. It really comes in handy to carry your nutrition.

I love the design and the bright colors. I'm definitely not missed on the streets.

Tomorrow is the big day! It's my last long run of my training. It's kind of sad, too. It's going to be tough, though. This time I have to get up a 3 am to hit the streets by 3:30, find an extra 1/2 mile on my way to the gym, run 7 miles there and head back. I have learned to love running in the dark. It's so peaceful and almost no one is out. The only thing that I'm always thinking about is what if someone is hiding behind a bush and jumps out and grabs me. I guess I've watched too many horror movies and that's how they always start. Sometimes, my head gets the best of me.

***they kindly gave me this shirt and I'm not being paid for my opinion, it's a true opinion.***

My legs are getting a full days of rest today. How long do you rest before your long runs? For a long run, it's usually 1 day. But, for a race it's about 3 days before and if it was a good race (aka no injury) about 3 days after. I need to prevent injury. It's seems like I'm prone to it!


  1. Love the shirt!
    Your up-early discipline will pay off in extra confidence on race day. WTG!

  2. I love that shirt! the colors and the print are awesome!!

  3. I usually don't rest, but keep activity on the lighter side the day before a long run... except sometimes like last weekend when I raced a sprint tri the day before. Whoops!

    Good luck on the EARLY start!! Be safe!

  4. Holy cow, I can't believe you're getting up that early, you go girl!