Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh the Horror!!

Here's a picture of yesterdays ginormous breakfast. It was so good (good thing I only do this very rarely). The cinnamon rolls were the best part (glad I have left overs).

Last night's dinner was pretty great, too. It's so healthy (maybe it makes up for my bad breakfast?). Very filling!

My run yesterday was great in so many ways: I got so much done and I was able to relax afterwards. I was able to get the house completely cleaned (which I expected would take me all of the long weekend). I hand washed my delicate clothing, dusted, organized my desk (a very messy desk), did all the laundry and dishes and had time to spare before Jason got home. It felt great!

It was so hot in the house last night, that we decided we needed to cool off in the pool. The pool was pretty chilly, but it felt great! When we got out, it was actually cold. So, we came back in the house and made some hot tea (I had the chia).

This is where Izzie has been all day, while I was doing the cleaning. She stole my spot on the couch. I love how her little head is on the pillow.

I'm thinking that I may watch a ton of great scary/horror movies (Running Scared, High Tension and Cabin Fever). I love these types of movies!

Thanks for the concerns on my ankle. It's feeling better, but still slightly hurts. With all the relaxing I will be doing this weekend, it should be back to normal by Tuesday for the gym.

What are your favorite types of movies?


  1. The cinnamon rolls would be my favorite part of that breakfast too!

  2. Reading your blog always makes me hungry.... :)
    The breakfast looked really good!!