Monday, September 12, 2011

Tea Time & a Monster

Scoutie had gained a little weight, so I wanted her to take it off. I started play "stick" with her. I move the stick on the ground as she runs after it. She loves it! I've created a monster! She lays next to it all day long and cries when it's time to play (3 times a day). She doesn't like it when the other cats come along and try to play at the same time. She wants it all to her self.

Last night, we had tea time in the David (my last name) household. Jason had Guayaki herbal tea and I had Tazo chai black tea. I really like the chai tea. I really need to buy an entire case of this stuff. Jason didn't really care for his selection. I also made some chocolate chip cherry biscotti, so we could get the full experience. Yum!

Today, I'm taking a personal day. I didn't get up early this morning, to go to the gym, I just slept in (6 am). It was nice. I feel like my body is not getting enough sleep, so I need to take it when I can.

How was your weekend? Any races? Do you have a tea time or something your household does every night?

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