Friday, September 9, 2011


Yesterday was pretty good. My legs feel great! I'm so glad that I wore my compression socks to work. I wore them all day long and now my legs don't feel any pain! But, for some reason, I couldn't fall asleep last night until way after my bed time. I just laid there and laid there, but sleep didn't come.

When it finally did (it actually wasn't that late, just later than I expected), I was out cold. I just got up and I didn't want to. It feels like I haven't slept in days and my body wants to crash. Too bad I have to work all day today. I'm the type of person that needs 10 hours of sleep to be in a decent mood. We'll see how today goes. I feel sorry for my co-workers!

I'm pretty hungry, so I will go eat and drink my coffee.

How long have you gone without sleep? The longest I've gone has probably been about 22 hours. I'm a big baby without sleep and it is mandatory for me!


  1. 10hrs of sleep? Wow.... I can't force myself to sleep for that long. I go to bed usually around 11. By 5-6am I'm up and around.
    But I do have those days were I just do not want to get up. Never on the weekend though. Always seem to happen when I need to go to work... :)

  2. I need my sleep too! Hope your day doesn't drag too much.