Thursday, September 1, 2011

I lost that Motivation Feeling

I haven't been doing much as for running. I kind of lost my motivation. I'm starting a new book today. I haven't decided which one, but it will be one of my new ones. I think that will help me. I think I'll read on of Dean's books. He's a very motivating man!

I have a 12 mile run scheduled for tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it. I love running on the streets, but get bored with the early mornings. I know they're best for my schedule. As everyone knows, it difficult to get into it.

Just a picture of my Mickey Blue Eyes.

How far are you running this weekend?


  1. I love it. First you have no motivation and then it's all excitement for a 12 miler. =P We all get highs and lows.

  2. Enjoy the long run! I have 20 planned for Sunday.

  3. I feel ya! I myself with a HANDFUL of other runners I know are in this weird funk where we cant find our Dean K. legs, we have to drag ourself out there for long runs.. I feel my life hasnt been this hectic for ever, (if ever?) So.. as long as we dont stop loveing it, we will catch up to the loveing feeling..

    Ive got 13.1 sch. at DISNELYLAND 1/2 this weekend :) olus 2 today?
    L.A... West Hollywood is where I am going :)!!!