Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Looking Forward to the Taper

I was really good last night. When I got home, I had energy that I needed to get out. So, I cleaned the house and even vacuumed. Then, I was starving, so I made dinner (I'll post that tomorrow). I was relaxing on the couch by 7. I made the smart decision and went to bed at 9:22 (I looked). I think it only took me about 10 minutes to fall asleep.

My alarm was set for 3 am. Yep, that's right, 3 am. I have another busy weekend, and this is my only time to fit in my last long run of this training cycle. When my alarm went off, I was up. I was pretty eager to run, so I made a piece of toast, used the bathroom and got dressed. I was out by 3:30. I made it to the gym in 40 minutes. Of course, the guy that opens it was late (like 10 minutes late). When he finally showed up, I got right on the tm. 5.48 miles later, I was back out the door to run the same route I came. 43 minutes later, I was back home. I like my times, especially since the traffic lights are longer, the later in the day.

The last mile was a little tough, though. I had a little hip ache. I guess that's a good thing about taper, it gives your body time to heal from any damage you may have done to it before the big day. I finished with a big smile on face, even though I have a hip issue, which I will take care of.

Now, it's time to eat breakfast and drink coffee. Then, off to work in my compression socks! They really make my legs feel brand new.

What is your routine after a long run? I've found the more I move around, the better I feel the next day.

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  1. Nice job on another EARLY morning long run. Must feel good to have it done! I hope your hip feels better.