Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(Unofficial) PR

Last night was a great workout!! Before I left work, I didn't want to go!I had to talk myself into it (which happens often). I just reminded myself of how great I will feel afterwards. I went, and it was great!

I set a new (unofficial) PR for my 5k (in my tempo run): 28:04!! I'm getting faster!! After that great session, I headed over to spin class. I was so excited for hitting my new PR, I was excited to start the spin class. I made my 45 minute class into 1:05 class. I love getting there early and try to push myself as hard as I can. It was also a great class! I love great days!! I was so glad I went when I got home:

This morning, I decided to sleep in. My legs were not going to be able to pump out a 5 miler (or even 3 miles, for that matter). My body really needed some "extra" sleep. It felt really good.

Have you set any PRs lately?


  1. I set an unofficial PR for a 5K today too! lol

  2. Didn't set a PR but I did beat my hubs at our last 5k :)