Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last One...

This morning was my last workout before the big day. Sunday is the race and I'm ready! All my training has been done and all my long run have been ran. I feel prepared. Since this is my third half, I now know what to expect, when to eat, when to drink and how to mentally prepare myself. I will be posting about my goals, nutrition, and music later on in the week.

Last night's dinner was pretty good, especially for just throwing it together in 5 minutes. I fixed brown rice, green beans (my favorite) and bbq (sauce) chicken with a huge side of water.

Today is Jason's birthday and I'm going to fix him breakfast. So, I better go, and try not to make too much noise before he wakes up. I'll post about his birthDAY tomorrow (we're really celebrating this weekend).

When is your birthday? How many rest days do you take before a full or half marathon?


  1. My birthday is March 18th... I'm told my dad he should run the GA marathon because it is on my birthday and I can't since I'm in Korea, LOL.

    Before my half I took one full rest day, but the whole week before was super easy (no run over 5 miles, and I only ran twice). That's the only race I have experience with.

    Well, technically this weekend is a race day for me (5K sunday morning, then a 10 miler that night), but as of right now, I'm only planning on "racing" the 5K... the ten miler is for fun (it is the Army 10 miler shadow run and it is basically the only one that isn't in the middle east, so it is a pretty cool opportunity)

  2. Good luck on Sunday. I look forward to your race recap.

  3. "I'll post later about my goals..." Ok "...nutrition..." Ok "...and music..." Wait, what?

    I've run for so long without music that it took me a good couple of minutes to figure out what you meant.

    Best of luck this weekend!

    My bday is in February. I usually take a full day (maybe two) of rest. The whole week prior is short workouts though, both short sprints as well as short easy.