Monday, August 29, 2011

Half Moon Bay in Photos (Mostly)

I'm back from my mini get away. We had a blast, but are sad to be back to this 100 degree weather (it was in the 50-60's there).

When we arrived in Half Moon Bay, we completely missed the small town where we were staying and ended up in Pacifica (8 miles north). We finally found our little town and needed something to eat (check in wasn't for about 3 hours). We found this little ma & pa place on the side of the street and enjoyed a slice of pizza.

On our way back to check in, we saw this cool looking place near our b&b. It seemed like it was someones everyday house.

Our room was the biggest and the only one that had a fireplace (and we needed to use it).

After tea time (which we were the only guests), we got into warmer clothes and headed out to the local brewery. It was chilly, but I wanted to eat outside, near the heat lamps).

We made a stop at Moss Beach. It was pretty clean, had a ton of surfers and it was nice.

We saw a little bumble bee doing it's job in one of the beautiful flowers.

There was the preserve near Moss Beach and we saw some sea lions and their pups hanging out on the beach. They also had a nature trail that had these trees with some sort of orange moss growing on the under parts. It looks like they are rusted.

The website to our b&b said they were only 1/2 mile from the beach, so I was planing on going for a run on Sunday morning. They are probably 1/2 air miles away, but I would have to cross highway 1 (extremely busy). So, I slept in. After breakfast, which was good but not a lot of, we packed up and headed out to explore.

After some hiking around, we were pretty hungry, so we needed lunch. Jason spotted this little pub and made a quick turn. It's the only double decker bus, where you can eat and smoke.

The pub was so cute! So many things were on the wall to look at. And a ton of little places to sneak away to eat.

There was this man across from us turning 80 and celebrating with his friends. They gave him all this airplane wear and he loved every minute of it! Right before they left, they told him his next present was to get a flight in this special airplane with some special pilot and he was so excited! It was so cute!

Here is one of the last beaches we visited (we needed to get back home to reality). This is how everyone needed to go to the beach. The only way down, unless you could skydive down. It was a blast. I (both of us) really needed to us that ropes). It was so steep, but enjoyable!

There was a ton of trash on the beach, because no one wanted to trek their trash back up that steep hill, but it was still pretty.

Because of the way you had to get to the beach, it was pretty secluded. I think there was about 20 people there.

Some of the people were watching they're dinner for that night. They caught these crab with their bare hands. We were wondering why these people were just standing knee deep in the ice cold water.

Beautiful views from the top.

It was a beautiful trip and the best birthday present I've ever had! There isn't much to do (especially when you can''t go swimming) in these towns, but it was great for the weekend!

I had my alarm set for 4 am, but my body re-set it to 6. So, no gym this morning, but I will be packing my gym bag to go after work. When you're getting up at 4, it's no big deal. But, when you haven't gotten up that early in a week, it's so difficult!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Birthday getaway - looks great!!!

  2. Beautiful weekend! Everyone needs some RnR like that.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic birthday weekend!

  4. What a gorgeous birthday getaway. Glad you enjoyed it!