Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sprintastic Night

After work, I was determined to finish my workout I had planned for the day. I still had to run my sprints and take my spin class (my two favorite workouts). So, this wasn't a difficult thing to do. Work has been extremely busy, so this is a great way to let off some steam.

I got to the gym and changed. While I was in there, I heard some clicking noises. It didn't sound like a kid playing around, but someone walking and it was getting closer. The noise was right behind me and I turned around. It was some lady (not girl) in a bikini and high heels ready to go to the pool. Seriously, at the gym??

Anyways, I ran 4 miles of sprints and totally kicked my own ass (which felt great). I changed out water bottles (I need a much bigger one for spin class) and on the board, it said we had a huge, long hour of sprints ahead of us. Good thing I like them! Sprints actually made my booty feel so much better (from my hard ripped class on Monday). I was drenched with sweat when I got out of class, but I had a huge smile on my face! I loved every 120 minutes of the afternoon gym yesterday!

When I got home, I was starving! Jason was so nice to make me my salad, as i settled in and got changed. Loved all the yummies inside!

We finished watching Big Love and relaxed the rest of the night. I got up this morning, ready to go to the gym. I didn't really want to run (because my legs were so tired from the sprints), but I did it anyways. My progression run was really difficult, but I know that's what I needed. My legs feel great now! I hit some more weights after the 5k run (in 28:45). I lifted legs and arms and completed a difficult core workout. It was a great morning!

Just look at the smile on my face! So happy!! This week is so different than last. Everything is going perfectly (I hope I'm not jinxing it). I'm starving, so it's time to fix some toast, coffee and my banana. Off to work I go!


  1. Who wears heels to the pool????

    Awesome job on your sprints. The legs must have been so tired this morning!

  2. Nice workouts, you are killing it at the gym lately!