Friday, August 5, 2011

A Cure to the Bad Week

I got off of work early to take care of Jason (from his car accident). He's doing better, he says he's stiff. He went to the dr's and there's nothing they can do for him. I know how to cure the "bad week" we've been having:


Of course, not mixed together (that would be pretty nasty). It worked. We're both happy and ready to tackle this relaxing weekend and to get ready for the week.

I've giving my heel off until Monday. So, no long run for me today. I'm very sad. I know this is best for me, but it's so hard. I am lucky it's not more serious (as least from what I can tell). And I will be keeping up on the stretches and icing and elevating. Never again, will this happen.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and have a great weekend. I'm off to bake some cinnamon bread for breakfast.

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  1. Cookies and upcoming cinnamon bread?! I need to relax with you some time!!