Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Friday!!

When I got home from work last night, I wasn't in the mood for dinner, just yet. So, I had a yummy snack. I ate some Herr's whole grain honey wheat pretzels. They are thick and have some much flavor. They are lightly salted (especially compared to some no name brands). Five of these babies have about 100 calories. Believe me, that's enough for my snack. A glass of water (because they're pretzels) and I'm set.

A few hours later, I was ready to eat my dinner. I made a delicious salad. It had yummy greens, black beans, hard boiled egg, home grown regular tomato and baby tomatoes and cucumbers and some croutons. Perfect, cool, filling dinner after a hard, hot day at work.

I just noticed, my shirt matches my Paradice pack. I have 11 miles scheduled for the roads tomorrow. My heel is feeling better (as I expected), so I'm good to go! When I run on the roads (vs. the trails), I feel like I'm running my entire city (it's not even close). It makes me feel like I've run so much further.

Do you live in a town that is so small, you can run it in a long run (or short)? What are your plans this weekend?Jason is surprising me with an early b-day celebration. I have no idea what he has planned. In case you're wondering, my birthday is Wednesday, so feel free to email me and I'll let you know where to send your presents.


  1. I live in a small town in Massachusetts. If I run 10mins North, West or East I'm in a different town. If I run 5 mins South, I'm in Connecticut. It keeps it interesting :)

    Have a great Birthday!

  2. We live in a small-ish suburb. I can easily run through 2-3 towns on a long run. Hope your 11 miler is great!