Monday, August 1, 2011

Pain in My Heel

So, here are the books that I ended up buying. Right now, I'm in the middle of another book (non-running) and I want to finish that before I dive into these books. I can't wait!

Yesterday, I did end up going for a swim. I kept it very casual and only swam 1200 meters. It felt good to go out there, get some sun and stretch my arms, legs and muscles. I'm glad I did it!

This morning, I got up (a very difficult thing to do this morning) at 4 to head to the gym. I noticed yesterday, a pain in my heel and was limping most of the day. I've had a slight pain for a little while, but it wasn't a big deal. When I was on the tm this morning, the pain started to come back. My stride was normal (no limping or anything), but I decided it was best for my heel to only run 4 miles and only 11 minutes on the stairs (I had 6 miles on 20 minutes planned today).

I did some research and I may need some additional cushion in the shoe, ice it and take some nsaids. That's what I'll do and see if it helps. I notice the pain mostly after I had been not moving very much (which I barely moved yesterday) and after it stretched out, it got better.

Has anyone had anything like this on their heel? Any suggestions (before a dr. appointment)?


  1. Just listen to your body! :)
    I waited too long and was too stubborn to listen. Good move on making it a little shorter.

    Hope it gets feeling Better ASAP.

  2. Heel pain. Feels worse after not moving. Feels better after stretching.

    It sounds like a tendon issue. My suggestion to be to cut the mileage while it's causing you pain and keep it stretched.

    I hope it goes away mysteriously and never returns!!

  3. Maybe plantar fasciitis? Sounds like you are taking the right approach...go very easy and see what happens. I hope it disappears asap!

  4. Going easy can also mean stopping all lower body exercise for a few days. I have learned that its better to not run for a few days or a week then for 3 months.

  5. Good luck with your heel - hope it is nothing to worry about!

  6. This is the SAME thing I was dealing with. They ruled out fascia but really didn't know what it was. I have been taping, icing, massage and stretching specifically my calf and for whatever reason the last 2 is gone...

  7. I've had pain in my heel before. I think I took a day or so off from running and it went away. Hope yours does, too!