Friday, August 26, 2011

Runners Feet

Since I'm going away to a B&B this weekend, I wanted to make my toes are not so scary. I removed my bright teal nail polish and had planned on giving myself a french pedicure (I'm too embarrassed to go have this done in mid-half marathon training). When I removed the old nail polish, this is what I found. I knew I had a black toe nail, but wow! Because of this, I ended up painting my toes burgundy.

My toes still look cute, just not what I wanted. Sacrifices that runners make.

This weekend, I will not be blogging, or on Twitter, or even on Facebook. I will only have my phone on if we have an emergency. So, this is my last post until Monday. I'll tell you everything we did while away. I will be having a blast and running on the beach and relaxing. I want to wish everyone participating in Hood to Coast good luck this weekend and I can't wait to see your re-caps.

What do you spouses/loved ones/friends think of your runners feet? It freaked Jason out and he thinks I need the go to a dr.


  1. Oh my toes are horrendous! I am currently missing 2 nails completely and 2 are on the brink.

    Enjoy your getaway!!!

  2. I [knock on wood] have not gotten runner's feet yet... other than soreness and a few calluses... but no bad blisters or black toenails. I'm actually shocked that I haven't lost any toenails, but I'm sure my day will come. lol

  3. i haven't had a black toenail yet, but I can't keep polish on and totally have weird callouses