Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Bad Week is Almost Over?

So, everyday, I ice, elevate and pop anti inflammatory pills like a bad habit (in a safe way). I'm really hoping that my heel feels better by Monday. I still have a very slight pain, but not too bad. I don't feel the pain until I get off my feet. While I'm walking around and stuff, I feel fine.

This is how I've been keeping my mind off of it. I've been researching new workout plans. I need to broaden my horizons in the weight room and on the mat. These books really help, especially the Gym Bible. The Gym Bible explains what machines work what and what weights to lift and how while you're at the gym. Just what I need. Jason got these books for me a few years ago when I started really hitting the gym. One of the best presents ever!

So, I can't run (without pain, so I don't) and it seems like everything is going wrong at work. That is basically my entire day. So, this week has really blown. I can't wait to be over this week. I hope next week is better than this. Jason just called me last night (he was on his way home from work and I was in the shower). He left a message that he was in his second car accident this week (neither were his fault). He said the car that rear ended him totaled his car. Because Jason's phone is dead, I couldn't get a hold of him and I just had to wait. When he got home, I went outside. Barely any damage to his truck but the girls car was totaled. He has some back pain, neck pain pain and some shoulder pain (where the seat belt was). He has a dr. appointment for this morning.

Last night for dinner, I made some yummy cool pasta. It was a Greek Pasta Salad. The feta cheese on top made the dish! Just the perfect summer pasta salad.

Well, I hope every one's week has been going than mine! Here's to the weekend!

What are your plans this weekend? Any races or camping trips or long runs?


  1. Take care of that heel! Sorry to hear the week was a tough one. It's almost over right? The salad looks yummy!
    I've got a 5k Saturday with a local bloggy meetup--it's about time! :D

  2. Sorry that it's been such a rough week. At least it's Friday! Enjoy the weekend and you get a fresh start Monday!

  3. Yikes, tough week! Hopefully a relaxing weekend will help, and hopefully your heel starts feeling better too.