Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better Safe

After work last night, I headed back to the gym. On the schedule is normally a small run (3 miles or so) and my ripped class. Since my heel is still healing and I ran 10 1/2 miles in the morning, I thought it wold be best if I didn't run. So, I worked my legs. I lifted weights for about 40 minutes and then went into my ripped class.

She worked us so hard. No sub=torture!! It was good though. She had us doing these really tough dead lifts and some weights that just killed my arms. I thought I had left my arms in the room after class. We even did a core workout and my abs are dead.

When I got home, of course, I was starving. I popped dinner in the over (chicken) and made myself a salad. We're trying to clean out the fridge, so it had a lot of goodies in it. I had black bean, croutons, lemon cucumbers, tomatoes (3 different types), black olives and sprouts.

I hopped in the shower and when I got out, dinner was out of the oven. I made teriyaki chicken and with potato salad. Super yum!!

When I got up yesterday, it felt like I had slept with a tennis ball in the middle of my back. When my alarm went off this morning, I could still feel it and every part of my body was crying, even my heel. Well, it wasn't crying, just complaining that I had jumped around too much in class last night. I felt that it was best that I didn't push it this morning and skip the gym (I'll be back there tomorrow). I have a good hurt going through my body and I love it!

What was your post-workout meal yesterday?


  1. What ab exercise did they have you do??

  2. That sounds like an intense class! Good idea getting some extra rest today.

    I had a HUGE spinach and strawberry salad with grilled chicken - yum!

  3. Wow, that sounds intense.

    I had a coffee date at Starbucks after my 20 mile bike so I had an unsweetened iced Passion tea, banana, and nuts+cranberries mix, plus an Athlete's HoneyMilk from home.

  4. yum! After I ran this morning, I had an iced coffee, with a piece of toast that had a piece of cheese and black pepper bacon on it. YUM.

  5. Not the most nutritious, but after today's workout I had PIZZA! It was whole wheat topped with spinach, tomatoes, and ricotta...so not THAT bad...right??