Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Far did I Run

Well, I ran my scheduled 10 1/2 miles!! I'm so happy. My heel was a little sensitive when I first started running, but it never came of anything. The little irritation actually went away. No pain at all for over 9 miles! I'm not going to jinx it, but my heel is feeling good!!!!

Last night, I put the inserts in my shoes, so I think that helped. I go back to the gym tonight for my ripped class. I usually run a few miles, but since I wasn't able to lift weights this morning, I think that's what I'm going to do before the class starts.

How do you like my new toe nail color? This is something I did last night. I also gave myself a facial, and scrubbed away any part of the bad week. This will be a great week!

Since I was at the gym longer than normal this morning, I have less time to get ready for work. Gotta jet (on my happy heel)!

Hey ladies, what color(s) are your toes?


  1. I've never tried blue nail polish on my toes. I use to love red nail polish but I have moved on from the stage. I'm a pink kinda girl :)

  2. Right now, purple..later today they will be red! Glad you are "heeling".

  3. Teal! I just found your blog. Thank for the motivation.

  4. Glad the heel is doing better...mine is as well. Weird that it even happened to begin with.
    I am rocking purple toes at the moment.