Friday, February 24, 2012

Old School

A couple days ago, I was debating if I should go for a 6 mile run outdoors (it was 77 degrees here), or if I should go for a 3 mile tm run and spin class. They were both great options, but I just couldn't decided. I had to make a choice, work was almost over. So, of course, I went to social media to help me make a choice. 

It was pretty clear of what I should do. I went to the park across the street from my work, and ran my old school run from back when I was training for my first half marathon. Around the park is about 3 miles, but I add some back "roads" (aka neighborhood streets).

It was such a nice day, I'm so glad I went to the roads. It's suppose to be in the 50's next week and raining, so why not take advantage of this beautiful weather while I can.

 I still haven't gotten the hang of taking pictures while running. They're always so goslled.

It was a very bright night. This is the part of the run that I always hate (especially when it's hot out). I know, I made the route, so why not change it...I'm not sure. This is just the way I go.

Coming into the home stretch. Almost there.

I think it may be time to put that sweat towel back in my car. I don't need any nasty summer time sweat seats. Eww!

I've notice a huge difference in my fitness level. I remember running this route for the very first time last year. It was so difficult and I needed to keep stopping to take walking breaks. Now, I haven't ran this far in a while, so I thought it was going to be a run that would kill me. Running this route was just like I never stopped. It's like I've been keeping up on my training and everything is back to normal. I thought I was going to have to start from scratch. This makes me very happy and I can't wait to be back out there this weekend!

What are you training for (if you're training)? If you're not training, how do you keep your fitness level up in the off season?


  1. Great blog! I have to keep a towel in my car too, 'cuz I just get disgusting during a run - SoCal heat and humidity. And every day, I have to battle with myself about whether I want to go out and see the world while I run, or watch another episode of Top Chef, or God forbid, Dance Moms. Unfortunately, sometimes Dance Moms wins :)

  2. It is definitely time to get out the sweat towels. The weather is going to start changing soon and it's going to get hot! Better to be prepared!

  3. i'm jealous your weather is so warm! i do bootcamp in the offsesason to stay in shape...running is great exercise but i do find i lose a lot of strength!

  4. Training for a 10K (my first one!), and I had to stop training for a good month because I injured my ankle. I thought the same as you, that when I got back I wouldn't be able to do it.. I was quite surprised that I ran as far as I did the first time getting back to it!