Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best Full Body Workout

This doesn't look like this anymore. We've been so busy trying to get everything in order, so we don't live in chaos. The bookshelves are painted and these books are all put away. I'll post pictures this weekend of what we've been doing. And, yes, we love to read (mostly Jason, though).

 Everyone is settling in nicely. The cats are getting to know what are "their spots". Mickey loves the dining room table.
Here, in California, it isn't our "normal" winter. It should be freezing and rainy and windy. Nope, not this weekend. It was probably about 65 and sunny. I worked in the front yard all afternoon. I rototilled the entire front (I did half and Jason did half). I'm glad he was able to help. The half that I did was too much for my body. It took every muscle that I have to do this "little" project. It took my legs to push myself forward, it took my abs to bring myself back and it mostly took my arms to get the tool in the ground.

No, we don't an electric machine, it was all by hand. Yes, we've been watering the lawn to get it softer, but it was still hard. Of course, some parts were easier than others. but, man, was my body sore that day and even today (2 days later). I can't believe I sweat that much in February. 

After work today, I will be participating in my first spin class in over a month. I can't wait!!! I love this instructor and I can't wait to pour my donation of sweat on the floor.

What is your big event that you're training for this year?


  1. All that yard work was a great workout! Think of all of those squats.

  2. That's hardcore! My yard probly needs that, if you guys are available haha.