Monday, February 13, 2012

Run Around the New Hood

On Saturday morning, I got up at 6 (yep, even on my day off), and went to the grocery store. Before I even unloaded the groceries from my car, I was back out, hitting the pavement around my new running hood. I really got to know my neighborhood this way. What a better way?

I live across the street from a park with lots of area to run; some paths, and a few playgrounds for kids. Since I was out so early, no one else was out. It was so nice seeing my peaceful neighborhood this way.

It was a little cloudy this weekend, but it didn't rain when I was out (just missed it). We have so many trees around us.

It may be difficult to tell from this photo, but we have ducks in the stream. One male and one female. Can't wait for spring!

After my little excursion through the park, I headed to the streets. It was all green lights (and no one at stop signs). This made my run easier. That's an elementary school to the right.

Right behind my house, we have another park. This park only has some paths and benches. There's no playgrounds. It's quieter this way. Every once in while, I can see people using the paths (through the fence). And, more trees. I think the color is going to be great this fall! And the shade will be incredible this summer!

After I hit all these paths, I needed to run to Safeway. I forgot something at the store. So, I literally ran to the store and ran home. By this time, people were starting to come out and be active. I was getting some strange looks while I wan running with my bag of groceries (it was just some chips for the hubs guy night, so nothing heavy like laundry soap).

I ended up running for about 30 minutes (before the store) and really enjoyed everything. Next weekend, I'll print out a map, so I can find myself home (and I can go further). I'm really bad just finding the way back. It takes me forever to get to know a place.

Do you ever run around your neighborhood? Do you prefer streets or trails?


  1. Definitely the best way to explore your new 'hood! Nice job on the early start.

  2. I run around my neighorhood every week! It's a great way to see what is exactly going on and to see who actually lives in your neighborhood.

  3. I love running in my neighborhood. It definitely beats running in the gym. You can look at different colors, and there is more action.