Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Tickets & Gas with a Side of Stairs

Yesterday, I put in for a drawing, through my gym, to win a free pair of basketball tickets (for our local team). I just needed to pick them up before 6. The only thing is that I work until 5 and my yoga class starts at 5:50 about 15 minutes away from the other gym (multiple locations). So, I decided to change up my plans for my workout last night. I also had another errand to run afterwards. 

So, I picked up the tickets and headed straight for the stairs. I ended up spending a full 35 minutes ms on the glorious stairs. I really worked up a sweat and loved every minute. Except, I didn't really care for this location. 

When I walked in, it reminded me of one of those gyms you see on tv where a boxer in Jersey works out at. It's smelly and not taken care of very well. Plus, it was 2 stories. For some reason, I don't like 2 story gym (I'm not afraid of heights), and you don't have a view of outside. They point all the equipment inwards. So, you stare at other people. But, I was happy to have the free tickets (the game is on Thursday).

After I left the gym, I headed over to the car dealership, where I bought my car. Because I bought a car from them, I now have free gas for 10 months. Love the freebies yesterday!

Tonight, I am going to my spin class that I love so much! I can't wait. 

Any cool freebie your way?

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  1. Those types of workouts certainly make you enjoy the better days!!