Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I Forgot...

Last week, Jason and I went to that Kings game I won the tickets for. It was a really good game and it actually went into overtime (we ended up losing though). It was fun to get out of the house and have a mostly free date night.

Last night, I was prepared to go the gym. I had my gym bag at work and about an hour before I was off, I thought "Did I bring my running shoes?". The answer is no. I wear some light hiking shoes to work. So, I guess I could have ran in them, but my ripped class would have been torture on my feet. I decided to go home and change immediately (or I would have ended up on the couch watching crap on tv) and do an at home workout instead. Jason had bought me a new (really thick) mat, some light weights (5 lbs) and a workout dvd for Christmas. The dvd came with 3 different types of workouts: pilates, yoga and a strength & cardio disc. I tried out the pilates. It was pretty good. My arms hurt from some of the moves.

One thing about working out at home, I can really wear whatever I want. When it's really cold, I dress really warm. Here's what the bottom half was wearing. Yes, those are heavy, thick slippers.

I had layers on the top: sports bra, tech tee and a cotton (yes, cotton) sweatshirt. Hey, I don't have heat (I do have portable heaters, though), so I always have to dress warm, even when I workout. I love my weight, especially the color!

I'm doing some weights tonight and then yoga class. On Wednesday, i have some errands that only allow time for another at home workout. So, I'll be trying the strength & cardio disc. Can't wait!

Did you get any fun gifts for Christmas? Have you ever forgotten anything important for your workout?

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