Thursday, January 24, 2013

Running Punch

Last night, I had 11.5 miles on my schedule. In the beginning of the day, I was really excited. I couldn't wait for this run! As it got closer, I wasn't looking forward to it.When it came time for me to change into my gym clothes, I didn't want to go. I was trying to find any reason not to do it. I couldn't come up with anything that would be a good enough excuse (especially with my half marathon just over a month away). I needed to run this. 

I got changed, drove into the gym parking lot and got front row parking (which never happens, especially if it's raining, like last night). That was a good sign. I walked into the cardio area and my favorite treadmill was open (at the end with a fan directly above it, it's always taken). Another good sign. I put my things down, warmed up and started in. 

For about miles 6-8, I had this 20 something guy next to me (running, not just standing there) and while he was running, he would punch the air, really, really high. It was almost above his head. I've never seen anyone do that before. 

After some time had past, I looked down at the information displaying on the treadmill and it looks like I accidentally ran 12 miles (instead of 11.5). I guess I was really enjoying my long run! I hope that happens on race day. 

When I home, I just wanted to rinse the salt off my face and shoulders. I started the shower and shed my clothes. Here's my outer skin. 

Immediately after I got dried off, the first thing I put on were my compression socks. You  better believe I put on my lime green compression socks under my pj's. It's a must do after my long runs!

I have a pretty busy next few weeks. Every Saturday, I have a run date with my friend and we hang out afterwards. On Sunday, Jason and I are going on a day date, which should be fun! The first weekend in Feb, I have my first race of the year, a 10k. the following weekend is my second race, a 5k with my friend. And, finally, the first weekend in March is my first half marathon of the year. I'm also doing the Color Run 5k this year, again. 

Do you do the running punch (inside or outside the gym)? How far do you have to run before you put on your compression socks? What's your race calender look like?


  1. I "punch" the air sometimes in order to reposition my long-sleeve shirt, but it's never an actual punch; more of a reach forward like I'm within reach of that proverbial carrot.

    I've worn compression after a tough 3 mile speed work day or my 24 mile runs. I love compression!

  2. That sounds hilarious! I wish you could've gotten a video of him punching the air, was he listening to some really good tunes? Ha!

    Compression is love. :) Happy Weekend!