Monday, March 21, 2011

Comfort is Not an Option

Monday nights are my nights to see fast I can possible run a 5k. Well, tonight yet another PR!! I ran it in 29.53. Before, my best time was 30:09. I pushed myself the hardest I have while running. I am so proud of myself. My training is going great and I only have 40 days until my 1st half!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I won't know how I will do until I run the race.

Afterwards, I felt really good. I was really excited to go to my spin class. Yet again, another hard, ass kicking class. Some times, during the class, I feel like I can't push any harder, but I do it anyways. After class, I'm always proud of myself for pushing that extra little bit. I am never comfortable while working out. Some people like to take their time and get a slight sweat on and go home 20 minutes later. I am definitely not one of those people.

I wore my new socks that the running store recommended on Friday night. Well, I love them. They are Zulu brand. So much comfort and I finally used body glide (yes, I know, it was the 1st strange I haven't used it before). No new blisters and my old ones are healing nicely. No need for duct tape today and most likely on my long run tomorrow.

When I got home from the gym, everyone was sound asleep. This is what everyone looked like. I can't wait to join them.

It's time to eat, shower and get things ready for tomorrow.
After you get home form your workout (after stretching, eating, showering and rolling), do you have something that you do every time?


  1. Congrats on a new PR speedy! :)

  2. Way to go with the new PR!!

    Every workout is followed by a banana with pb and chocolate milk and then some sort of actual meal once I'm showered.

  3. Congrats on the new PR!! Can't wait to hear about your 1st half!

  4. Great job on the time!! Congrats!!!

  5. Congrats on improving that 5K time yet again!

    I don't really have anything specific that I do after a workout - well, except posting it on Dailymile!!

  6. Nice PR!! I love that feeling you get when you push yourself beyond what you think you can do!

  7. Awesome PR! You are doing great!

  8. I love when you post cat pics. It's so relaxing when the cat is sleeping next to me. It's like he's encouraging me to sleep, too!

    I often plug in my Nike + and blog after a workout! (What I'm doing now!) So basically just procrastinate