Sunday, March 6, 2011

Greek Date Night

Last night was our international dinner. This month was Greek food. I really spent all day in the kitchen because things needed to cool before being eaten.

The first thing we ate was home made pita bread. I know, this doesn't really look like pita bread, but they tasted good.

We dipped it into some roasted garlic tzatziki. If you don't like greek yogurt, you won't like this.

The main course was beef & potato moussaka. Surprisingly, this didn't have any flavor. I was pretty disappointed. Mainly, because we have a ton of left overs and we'll be eating it all week.

Dessert was the best thing I made all night, homemade baklava. It was great. My only complaint was that the phyllo dough wasn't as flaky and doughy as I wanted. But, not bad, for the first time working with it.

Today has been such a lazy day. One thing I've done is make chocolate chip cookies. I promised my coworker, if he brought in those delicious muffins he buys, I'll bring in cookies of some sort the following Monday. I like to keep my promises. When they come out of the oven, I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Too bad it's almost over!


  1. I know! The weekends go so quickly...

  2. your baklava looks professional to me! all that looks delish.

  3. That sucks that your moussaka didn't turn out. When it comes out right it's one of my favorite foods ever! My husband made it Friday night, and I finished off the leftovers last night. YUM.

  4. Props for all the cooking! I love to try different foods, but I haven't gotten so much into cooking them myself yet; hopefully some day.