Monday, March 28, 2011

Switching Things Up

Last night, we finished our left over pizza for dinner (I didn't drink any soda, but hubs did). It's decent pizza for the price. Tonight, I had my usual speed (for me), my 5k run today. When I was at work, I just wanted to run. It was 62 degrees and sunny outside. So, I ended up grabbing a tm (facing outside) and running 11 1/2 miles on the tm. I use the tm for my long runs because I really need it to make me have a continuous pace. I think it really helps me. I'll find out in 33 days! I had a great long run. I was talking to a new friend for about half of it and it made the miles fly by. I really need a running partner. Anyone near the Sacramento, Ca area and want to run week day nights and Saturdays, early morning. Let me know. I am now all comfy and ready to relax and slowly start to heal from y run. I feel really good about switching things up and am super happy. Sometimes, little things can make me super happy, and look at the smile on my face! How do you get ready for long runs? Any secrets?


  1. Mmmmm pizza!!! I am also looking for a running partner but unfortunately I live on the opposite coast!! :) I did find a track club in the city I just moved to and sent them an email to find out more info. You should look into that! 62* and sunny! I can't imagine doing a TM run during that! Probably because it's 32* and windy here!!

  2. Nice job on the long run, but what a waste of a beautiful day! You need to get outside. ;)

  3. wow sounds like beautiful weather!

    I get ready for long runs by eating pasta the night before and making sure I drink enough water, getting sleep and then fueling with oatmeal the morning of!

    If I were closer I'd totally be your running partner!!! :)

  4. ha!! I did a double-take when I saw the pepsi!! I couldn't imagine YOU drinking it! You look wonderful in your SANTA long sleever!!

  5. How do you manage 11.5 miles on a tm?! I get soooo bored!

    My runs come in two flavors (though I'm trying to fit in others) - speed work and long runs. when I do speed, I do a path I've run a lot and see if I can hit a new PR on it. I prep for my long runs by setting out a brand new path; I run much slower on these runs and my mind drifts away to let me pass the time by taking in the scenery and activity going on around me. Usually all the route prep includes multiple trips to the bathroom (one long run where one mile in you regret not taking that bathroom break and you'll never miss it again) and lots of sipping water. Not really a secret, but it's my prep.