Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rockin the TM

I have been slightly feeling last nights workout. It feels good and it's not too bad. After work today, I had 10 1/2 miles on the schedule. I haven't been as nervous about this run as I had in the previous weeks. I knew I could do this! I rocked it. The first 6 1/2 was a little difficult. But, I then needed a bathroom break and when I came back (super quick), I was back on track. The last 1 mile I was just concentrating on how fast I was going and was really hauling ass. Of course, I set up my toe (just barely a blister, just wanted to be cautious). I really need to re-paint my toes.

After the gym, I went to my parents house, my brother was in town just for a day. That will be tomorrow's post, since I just got home and I've been gone for over 14 hours. I'm pretty tired.

This is an idea of what I've been looking like lately. I'm always eating and shoveling food in my mouth.

Last night's dinner was so good. It's what I've been craving for a very long time, a chicken sandwich (non-deli meat). I applied a thin layer of mayo and shredded the yummy amount of chicken I desired on the whole wheat bread. It really hit the spot.

So, I'm pretty pooped from 9 hours of work, 2 hours of running and visiting with the fam, so I'm going to hit the showers and head off to slumber land. Until tomorrow.
If you could eat any type of sandwich (calories and fat and all that bad stuff didn't count), what kind would it be?


  1. Oh man that chicken sandwich looks good!!!

  2. I think I'd go with a BLT....or some really good tuna salad.

  3. I love big hearty sandwiches with roasted vegetables, cheese and hummus!

    Well done on the 10.5!

  4. That sandwich looks sooooo good!!! My favorite sandwich is pretty simple... turkey, cheese, spinach, pickles, green peppers, cucumbers, mayo & mustard. mmmm

  5. I love simple sandwiches like that! My favorite sandwich of all time is a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, AND a Poached Egg. Ah-Mazing!

  6. grilled cheese. a classic and always so satifsying! or a BLT on sourdough! yum!