Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday in Pictures

This going to be a little backwards. I started my day off with a 6 mile run outside. I drove to a path about 5 minutes away from my house. Here are some pictures from this mornings run (some may be blurry, because I almost didn't ever stop to take the pictures).

Sometimes I hate going under the under passes because you never know if someone is going to be there sleeping (aka a bum). I haven't ran into anyone there, yet.

This red sculpture is the city logo (it's suppose to be a rose from the sky. I love in Roseville.

My very last hill. My car is less that 20 seconds away. The worst hill.

Not too terrible for making it a relaxing run.

I hate a movie and lunch date with a friend this afternoon. We went to see Hall Pass. It was a cute chick flick. I laughed the entire time. After the movie, we walked across the parking lot and ate lunch at Mels Diner. I love their food. I had the chicken club with fries. I can't remember the last time I had fries. I did pass the on the soda and only drank water.

Last night's dinner: Pioneer Woman's creamy chicken spaghetti casserole. The best! More to come on this tomorrow.

Any cool scenery on your runs this weekend?


  1. I would totally be nervous of that overpass too! But you gotta love that it's there so you can run on without dealing with traffic. I love trails like that that wind the city. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

  2. That run looks beautiful! And I would be nervous with that overpass too! It was a cloudy day here so my run scenery was a bit dreary...

    And I am so hungry right now that chicken club and casserole!!! :)

  3. A six mile run and you still drive five minutes to it? Why not just run to the path?

    And as much as I love to see people's pictures from their runs, I still don't get how you can carry a camera. Carrying things while running annoys me to no end. haha Kudos!

  4. What a nice looking path!! Hopefully you don't ever run into anyone at the underpass!!