Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yucky Feet

After dinner, icing and watching some shows last night, I was still proud of myself for completing my 9 miles. As you can tell, it's kind of a big deal for me. This is how excited I was (and still am). Yes, I get a creepy, scary face when I get uber excited.

Today is an unplanned rest day. After yesterdays run, my toe had been bugging me. When I took off my sock, I saw a huge blister and I popped it (sorry, TMI). Never mind the crappy paint job, but here's the blister after it was popped.

I'm taking the night to let it air dry and it should be ok for a small 6 miler tomorrow, hopefully. It hurt a little while at work (and in normal shows), so I can't imagine the pain while running or spinning tonight.
My feet hadn't had any blisters in a few weeks, but this one appeared.
My legs feel great, so I'm happy about that. The rest of my body could have handled the run today, but I'm listening to my feet. I finally don't feel guilty about taking 1 day off. I run 5 days a week, my body needs an extra day here and there.

Someone asked me how I liked the GU (from last night). I liked the taste (orange vanilla), but the texture is going to take some getting use to. I don't like custard type of sweets or anything like that, and this is what it reminded me of. It seemed to help pick me up when I started to drag and I'm glad I took it. I got some recommendations to take it if I'm running longer than 1 hour. I'm glad I did.


  1. Ouchies!! I hate blisters! I used to get them a lot in the same spot until I changed shoes. My feet like Asics apparently. Good job with the 9 miler!

  2. Ouch - blister!! Good idea to give yourself the day off to let your feet recover.

    Gu took me a long time to get used to, but now I cna suck it back without gagging. :)

  3. The texture of GU was difficult for me at first too. Try out the Jet Blackberry. It seems to go down easily for me! Hope the blister is feeling better!!

  4. Glad to hear the GU worked out for you, but I agree that the texture takes some getting used to. I'm sure astronauts take some time to get used to their food too. haha

    If you really want to run with popped blisters, I would strongly recommend fast drying glue or duct tape. It seems odd, but both work well.

  5. Body glide your feet from here on out, it will help!!!

  6. Oyy, that blister looks TOUGH! But, I suppose you've earned your stripes now.

    I never have gotten used to the GU consistency. Powergel is much more thin.

  7. ouch! But yay for 9 miles! When I first started with GU, I thought the sweet flavors like vanilla would be good, but I found that berry and lemon worked better. Once I got used to it, I tried chocolate, and it was so good, like pudding.