Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Big Toe

Last night, I went grocery shopping. While I was out, I picked up a lot of fresh, yummy, juicy fruit. So, that only calls for a fresh fruit salad for lunch. In the mix, I had grapes, strawberries and 1/2 banana. So good! My big toe still needs some rest time from being used. I'm trying to stay off of it as much as possible. I'm going to take tomorrow off, as usual. Saturday, I'm going to the gym and see if I can run. No matter what. I can still do some weights and abs.
Every Saturday, I'm going to start to go weights and abs, once again. I need toned arms and awesome abs for summer time. When it gets warm enough to swim, I'm going to start doing laps in our pool.

Well, I'm off to start dinner and get off this foot. Good night everyone!!


  1. fresh fruit salads are so delicious! Even simple ones like yours are perfect.

    Hope your toe feels better soon!

  2. I just picked up some grapes and strawberries too--yummy!
    Get well soon to your big toe!

  3. I love the "toe" picture. Hope it feels better soon!

  4. i need to be doing armwork... but i've been lazy (ah story of my life).

  5. Isn't it amazing how much the big toe does? If it hurts, it hurts to do ANYTHING!! Hope it feels better soon.