Thursday, August 14, 2014

Early Runner

The great people at Tasty Brand were so nice and sent me some fruit snacks to try out. They are so good! They are organic, make with real fruit juices and don't have any high fructose corn syrup. The pack only has 70 calories! They totally satisfied my sweet tooth! YUM!

I'm so glad we live across the street from a park. We spend a lot of time at the park on the baby swings. Lars loves them! He is always smiling and kicking (he kicks when he's happy). He's a pretty happy boy!

Like I mentioned earlier this week, Lars loves to walk around. So, I bought him a walker and he loves playing with the front part more than walking around while hanging on to it. I know he'll warm up to it and be racing around this house soon enough! When he sees a cat walk by, he starts almost running to them (he loves petting them). Of course, they run away. Maybe I'll enter him into a fun 1 mile kid run when he's 2??

Do you kids run? If so, when did they start?

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