Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sweat like you Mean it

Ever since I fell in love with running (again), I've been doing it a lot more. Of course, I have to arrange my running schedule around a little man. I think I've been doing pretty good. There's always a lot of sweat (I don't go out past 10 am) and I've been working out my lungs. My lungs are my weakest part of running. Here's what I look like after my run, every time (notice the veins shooting out of my hands):

This is what I've been eating lately. It has Stacey's tortillas, cooked dice chicken, cooked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and a little ranch. It was so good!

This little guy has been enjoying his Cheerios, green beans (pictured) and yams. We had a period of time where he would refuse eating any type of food. We found out that he wanted to feed himself. He's pretty good at that now, but still needs to practice. He loves to practice!

Can't wait for tomorrow's run!

What have you been eating?

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