Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When Running is Fun

The great people at Eeboo sent Lars some great things to try out. They are meant for older kids, but he can still have fun with them. The first thing (his most favorite) are the nesting blocks. He loves to chew on them and thinks it's hilarious when a car crashes into them. The other thing they sent were some "tell me a story" type of book. Basically, they are just pictures and you make up your own story. I have the one pictured and the robot one. He laughs at the stories we make up. I'm not sure if he understands them, but he still laughs.

Lars has started walking, while holding on to our hands. He walks all over the house. He's not stable enough to walk alone, but this makes him happy. Ever since this started, he's been eating more (from me). Ever since he's been eating more, I've been starving and can't shove food in my mouth fast enough. Here's what my plate has been looking like lately (not the healthiest, but all home made).

I've been running lately. I've been forcing myself to do it. I've never regretted it. I'm always happy during my runs. It's just that I hate getting out the door and I didn't always like the actual act of running either. This week has been different. I absolutely love running again. I'm having so much fun and enjoying every second of being outside working up a sweat. I love this feeling! It's always great to love your workouts!

Do you love your workouts? What do you do to get your sweat on? When did your kid(s) start walking?

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