Monday, October 17, 2011

A Dead Body & Grilled Cheese

Last night, I made it to the gym!! I loved seeing familiar faces and working my body the hardest it's worked since my half. I am pretty sore right now (I feel like a dead body), but in a good way. I had planned on going this morning, but my body still wants to sleep in. That's ok. I'm fine with that. I'll work on the 4 am wake up call next week. I'm building the miles and enjoying the workout, again.

Last night, I ran an easy 5k, lifted leg weight and finished the night with my hour ripped class (which completely killed me). I'm going back tomorrow night for my spin class. I can't wait!

I've been making so very good food (may not be good for you, but at least it tastes great). Here are my empanadas made with chicken, paprika, hard boiled eggs and cooked spinach, inside a puff pastry.

Here I am prepping last night's dinner. I'm cutting the cheese (ha, ha).

(I'm not pointing, I'm cutting the sandwich in half)

I think this may have been the best dinner of the week. It's homemade Tomato bisque (lighter version)
with grilled cheese sandwiches. I remember as a kid, my mom use to pour out a can of tomato soup and always pair it with grilled cheese. Always a happy memory when I make this.

My body definitely needs a rest day, so it worked out prefect that I slept through my alarm this morning. Tomorrow, I think I will climb stairs for 20 minutes, work the legs and finish the night with a good old fashion spin class.

When you finish with your racing season, do you stay on a schedule, or just play it by ear?

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  1. I like not having to follow a training plan when my season is over, so I usually wing it. Empanadas look yummy!