Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dark & Peaceful

Oops! I put my last photo first and don't feel like fixing it. Oh well. You guys will understand. I went on a run this morning, unplugged. I love in the dark without anything, but the clothes on my back and some reflectors. It's so peaceful. Look how happy I am to be back to running (I'm wearing my Urban Cow Half Marathon shirt).

See why it freaks me out to be running in the dark, sometimes. This is the bridge that I cross (foot traffic only). It looks like something you'd see in a horror movie where the girl gets slashed and the crazy guy finds where she lives a tortures her husband (why, yes, I do have a vivid imagination and I love horror movies).

Man, I look tired! I am, but I got my ass out of bed anyways. You can't tell, but there's a cute little stream behind me. And, the sun is getting it's lazy ass up.

Much better (on my way back). This is the hill (small) that I'm always talking about. I love seeing the sun rise over this hill. It's gorgeous!

I have some errands to run. Hey, maybe, if I keep my smelly clothes on, I would go for another run this afternoon. I think it's worth the try.

Anyone race this weekend? Is anyone (local or not), doing the Shamrock half in March? Where is your favorite place to watch the sun rise?


  1. You made this sound like a spooky run!! Beautiful scenery though.

  2. That looks like a really scary bridge!! My favorite place for sunrise or sunset is the beach. Love it.

  3. I'm planning on running he Shamrock Half in March. It was my first half back in 2010 and I missed it this year due to injury so I'm anxious to run it next year.

    My fav place to watch the sun rise {lately} is over Folsom Lake during early morning Saturday long runs :)