Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drinks & Fungi

Remember a few months ago when I started my decanting process? Well, it was time to finish the process. It was time to pull out the jars from the dark corner and strain them out. Here's what the strawberries looked like after 3 months.

The final product is much prettier and tastes much better. My favorite was the strawberry one. It smells like a can of kerns juice.

Look what we found in our tomato planter. These are little fungi growing in there. We did some research of what they are and if they will kill the plant. We found this and this. So, we're safe! They look so cool!

My working out will start back tomorrow evening. I will be back on track and spending a nice amount of time sweating again. I did enjoy the time off, but am glad to be back. I'm not on a training plan, so I'm not going to be so strict with myself. At least until December when I start my new training plan for the Shamrock Half in March. I can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. The strawberries (before draining) look pretty weird!

    Good luck getting back into the swing of workouts this week!