Monday, October 24, 2011

Running Divas Fashion Show

I recently received some awesome clothes to try out from Running Divas. They are great! I already have some favorites.

The running tank is very light weight and clings where it should. The only thing is that it's not as long as I'm use to. It just gives me a reason to work on my stomach. The front reads:Pain is the test".

The back reads "yes it hurts". It reminds me of my mantra on the road id "the pain is worth it".

One of my favorites is this shirts. It's just the prefect length and hugs where it should. It's a very casual, hanging out kind of shirt. The front reads "Freakishly strong"

The back reads "I know a lot of me tell me that".

The super comfy long sleeve reads "it's who we are it's what we do".

Te back reads "when running becomes a necessity". They must have read my mind. I went crazy when I wasn't running. Even my co-workers have told me that my personality changed when I didn't run.

My new favorite comfy sweat pants. I can see myself wearing these all winter long. They fit perfectly.

Here's what they say along the side. Yep, I'm a half marathoner!

Running Divas have some great clothes. You should check them out. No, I wasn't paid, or told to say this stuff. This is actually how I feel about their clothes. I only give me honest opinion on this blog.

When not in running clothes, what kind of stuff do you like to wear?


  1. That's some awesome gear - looks great!!

  2. Oh, I'll have to check them out. I love the sweatpants :)

  3. So cute, I like how the sayings are so subtle! Those sweatpants look extra comfy!